Skala 3 in 1 Divine line 250g


Oily, Dry, Normal

The Divine Curl Line was specially formulated for those who are going through the Hair Transition process. Just a Divine product to understand and help you who have two textures. This product eliminates frizz, moisturizes, gives life to opaque wires, gives volume in the right measure and models curls in a smooth way without leaving residues.



  • Strengthens And Prevents Hair Breakage (Fortalece E Auxilia No Combate À Queda Por Quebra Dos Fios)
  • Ultra Repair And Shine (Ultra Reparação E Brilho)
  • Divine Humectant And Moisturizing Action (Ação Divina Umectante E Hidratante)
  • 100% Vegan, 0% Animal Products (100% Vegano, 0% Origem Animal)
  • Paraben, Petrolatum, Silicone And Mineral Oil Free (Sem Parabenos, Petrolato, Silicones, Oleo Mineral)


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