Is a distribution and retail company that handles the marketing and sales of beauty products.

The company has a wide variety of quality Brazilian hair and skin care brands to suit the needs of professional and home consumer clients.  Conceived to offer new solutions for the beauty market, our company was established since 2014 in Guyana, combining tradition and innovation.  Since its beginning, Cosmetics Beauty World has made a commitment to be a credible channel between the beauty industry and customers: professionals and consumers, enabling them both to gain access to products, information and technical enhancements.

Our company’s model however is not based solely on the distribution and retail services, but also provides full service to all business-related audiences, with solutions that include respect, content delivery, and exclusive services.  The name Cosmetics Beauty World has now become synonymous with the development of the beauty sector in Guyana.

Over the past several years of our existence, we have invested largely in human relations.  A success story built on the pillars of quality, integrity, professionalism and trust.  That is why our company is committed to continuous evolution, valuing our suppliers’ brands and products while serving and inspiring professionals and consumers.

The company carries over 500 different products in diverse segments of beauty to supply the home care customers, beauty professionals, hair salons, supermarkets and small retailers, pharmacies and sales freelance.  Our distribution reach extends throughout the entire country with sales agents in Essequibo Coast and Berbice which continues to grow.

The Secret Of Beauty

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