Skala Jaborandi Conditioner 325ml


Jaborandi Conditioner was formulated with natural extracts that combine the perfume of Camellia and the strengthening power of Jaborandi, offering an effective cleaning and controlling the oiliness of the strands.

Jaborandi has hydrating and strengthening properties for the hair. It has the power to soften, revitalize and prevent hair loss, as it is rich in pilocarpine, an active ingredient that acts on the scalp blood circulation and nutrition of the hair bulb. Favors circulation, providing balance, lightness, softness and shine to the hair.



How to

1 – Wash your hair with the Skala Jaborandi Shampoo

2 – remove excess water, and apply the Conditioner.

3 – Let it act for 1 minute, rinse, and finish as usual.

Tip: For best results, make weekly hydrations with the Skala Jaborandi Hair mask.


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