Depil Bella Roll on Wax Kit


With this complete Depil Bella Roll-On Hair removal Kit, you have all the products to carry out the perfect waxing procedure with all the steps, from skin preparation, hair removal and final care to avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritation, Efficient And Hygienic. Specially developed for an exclusive and individual hair removal. With Wax Level Display, Unique Heater Base Design That Doesn’t Use Brackets. 

Kit Incldes:

  • Vision Bivolt Hand held Roll-on Heater
  • 100g Honey/Propolis Wax Cartridge
  • 20 Natural Fiber wax sheets 
  • Post wax removal Cotton oil 60ml 
  • Pre wax Astringent Mint Lotion 60ml


1) Place the Depil Bella® Roll-on Wax refill into the appliance / heater. If necessary, adjust the internal fixation lock of the device, with the aid of a screwdriver or similar tool, to secure the refill. Important: the device must be disconnected from the electrical outlet to perform this procedure.

2) Turn on the device (automatic bivolt) and wait for the wax to heat for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the seal from the roll-on with the heated cartridge. Make a test by sliding the refill over
the waxing tissue.

3) Clean the area to be shaved with Depil Bella® Astringent Lotion.

4) Disconnect the device from the plug *. Apply the wax on the skin in the direction of hair growth, sliding it once. The faster the roll-on slides, the thinner the wax layer.

5) Place the waxing tissue over the wax and press it to adhere to the wax.

6) With one hand, stretch the skin and, with the other, remove the handkerchief, pulling quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Do not reapply the wax more than twice in the same region. If you are unable to fully remove the hair, use the wax that was left on the scarf to make the finishing touches. Never try to shave the entire region at once.

7) Apply Depil Bella® Hydrating Remover Oil to remove possible wax residues from the skin. Remove excess oil from the skin and finish by applying Alcohol Free Body Gel or Depil Bella® Azuleno Cream (sold separately) to soothe and smooth the skin.

* Do not apply wax with the appliance connected to the mains. Disconnect the appliance from the plug or the heating base during application, reconnecting it if there is a need to reheat the wax.


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