Wax Off Cotton Moisturizing Oil Depil Bella


The Depil Bella® Moisurizing Oil, Infused with cottonseed oil, has been especially formulated to remove excess wax from the skin after hair removal. Also Rich in vitamin E, it moisturizes and prevents dry skin

  • After Wax
  • Removes wax waste and leaves skin moisturized
  • Made from Pure Cotton Seed oil Extract
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Available in 16.9fl.oz (500ml)
  • Professional Use Only


Mode of use:

  • Apply Wax of Moisturizing oil to waxed Skin in circular motion
  • Remove Excess Oil
  • Finish with Depil Bella® after wax Body Gel or Azulene Cream to Soothe and Hydrate the skin




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