Yamá Liss Repair Keratin Kit


The Secret to Smooth, Radiant Hair!


Yamá’s self-applicable Brazilian straightening will surprise you with incredible results that last up to 12 weeks. Available in two versions, for blonde and natural or dark hair, this formula promotes healthy straightening, reduces frizz and restores shine and softness to your strands.



Simple Step by Step :

Start by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and drying it until it is 80% dry, if necessary.

Divide your hair into sections and apply Liss Repair, ensuring that each section is covered. Remember to keep the product 0.5 cm away from the scalp and use a brush for even application. Leave it to act for 60 minutes.

Rinse with cold or warm water and apply Yamsterol conditioner. Rinse again and dry your hair completely with a hairdryer (using hot air). You can use a brush to style and align your strands before moving on to the next step.

Divide your hair into thin sections and iron each section 20 times, adjusting the temperature according to the health of your hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry and straight.


Damaged, bleached or processed hair: 180°C – 200°C (375°F – 410°F)

Healthy hair: 230°C (450°F)


With Yamá Liss Repair Blondes, you can achieve smooth, radiant and healthy hair in the comfort of your home. Enjoy straight, stunning hair for up to 12 weeks! 


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