Yamá Colour Remover



  • Does not lighten or remove the natural color of the hair;
  • Only removes artificial dyes from oxidative dyes, that is, dyes that use hydrogen peroxide;
  • Intensifies and adds shine to the color applied after use;
  • Does not contain ammonia or oxidizing agents.


The DekapColor System Color Remover was specially developed for partial or total removal of artificial dyes from oxidative dyes (which require hydrogen peroxide to reveal the color). It does not contain bleaching agents, that is, for virgin hair there will be no difference in color. DekapColor System DOES NOT CONTAIN AMMONIA OR OXIDIZING AGENT, it can be safely applied to chemically treated hair in a variety of ways, such as: straightening and relaxing based on thioglycolates, hydroxides or guanidine, progressive brushing, perms, highlights and dyes.



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