Professional Sfera Liquid Keratin


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Sfera Professional Liquid Keratin was specially reformulated to further enhance the keratin load to the hair. Its new formula, with association of highly technological actives, intensifies the power of keratinization, reconstruction and hydration of the threads, restoring the capillary fibers and covering the threads through the formation of a protective film.


3D Keratin: three-dimensional keratin with advanced technology that allows prolonged release of keratin and intelligent repair only of damaged areas of the strands, reaching all dimensions of the hair fiber.

Biofunctional Proteins: Proteins that bind more easily to the deepest areas of the fiber such as the hair cortex.

Result: Absolute Restoration of damaged strands promoting greater hydration, shine, elasticity and resistance to the strands.

How to use: Apply on clean, damp hair, lock by lock, along the entire length of the hair. Do not rinse. If you prefer, make a brush to seal the keratin on the hair.

Suitable for all hair types.


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