Pre Wax Adstringent Mint Lotion Depil Bella 300ml

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The Depil Bella® Astringent Mint Lotion is enriched with Refreshing extracts of Mint. Marigold and Calendula, This Exotic formula works to remove excess Oil from the skin while preparing it for hair removal process.

Dermatologically tested Face and Body Hair Removal Processes

  • Pre-Waxing
  • For Face and Body
  • promotes hygiene of the area to be waxed
  • Refreshing Sensation
  • Contains Rich and Refreshing Plant based extracts
  • Rich in Vitamins, Emollient and Humectants
  • Results in perfectAasepsis of the skin and better adherence of the wax to the skin

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Mode of Use:

  • Moisten a Cotten Pad with the pre-wax lotion
  • Apply to desired are and clean thoroughly
  • Dry cleaned area and proceed with the Waxing process


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