Power Intensive Reconstruction Whey Protein + Keratin Steam 1kg


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Power Intensive Reconstruction Conditioner Whey Protein + Keratin is an Intensive Reconstruction treatment developed for weak and lifeless hair. Its formulation is enriched with Whey Protein which is responsible for the strength and resistance of the hair stimulating healthy growth + Keratin and Amino Acids, which help to strengthen the structure, providing healthy hair growth. In addition to providing shine, softness and silkiness to the hair.

  • Indicated for weak and lifeless hair
  • capillary mass replacement
  • Growth Enhancer
  • Promotes healthy Hair strands
  • 3 minutes Quick action power

Out of stock




  • Apply POWER RECONSTRUCTION INTENSIVE to clean and damp hair
  • massaging strand by strand (avoiding Scalp)
  • Let stand for 3 minutes
  • Rinse well

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