Origem Bomba Max Hair Mask 1kg


The Origem Bomba Max Deep conditioning Hair mask  is a revitalizing treatment that provides hydration to weak and brittle hair, recovering strength and Enhancing Growth, as well as improving the texture of the strands. Its formulation was developed with the best to help healthy hair growth. An expertly Crafted Formula with an association of amazing assets that when added to the  hair acts in the restoration and in the integrity of the hair fiber, providing greater vitality and aiding in the healthy growth of the hair.

Infused with:

  • Whey Protein – Strength and resistance to the Strands
  • Vitamin A: Repair and protection to the threads
  • D Panthenol: Long-lasting hydration and shine
  • Biotin: Prevents the weakening of the threads
  • Castor oil: Strengthening action that helps in combating hair loss


  • Suitable For ALL hair types
  • Maximum Replenishment of nutrition
  • replacement of capillary mass
  • Intense strengthening properties
  • Proven performance with the combined use of the entire Origin Bomba Max line


How to use:

  • After washing the hair, apply the Intensive Hydration Cream Bomba Max across the entire length of the hair
  • Massaging and Detangling the hair
  • Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse well
  • For best results try the entire Origem Bomba Max treatment set


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