Origem Avocado Leave in Comb Cream


Are you looking to achieve silky hair, hydrated with super-hyper-mega-power? then look no further, The Origem Avocado Bomb Leave in cream is here for you. Derived from pure Avocado extract and infused with Multi-vitamins this amazing leave in cram moisturizes and stimulates growth while combating hair loss all in the form of an amazing styling cream that helps with detangling and Overall hair strand nourishment.

  • 100% Vegan product
  • Free of Petrolates, Paraffins, mineral Oils and Silicone
  • Boosted with vegetable Keratin + Vitamins
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Super Hydrating power


How to use:

  • Apply The Nazca Origem Avocado Comb Creaam on Damp hair
  • Spread uniformly across the entire length of the hair
  • Comb/Style normally


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