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    If you like that feeling of freshness at all times our Splashes are the answer! Body Splash Quinoa delivers a sensual, intense and long-lasting fragrance that envelops your body with great delicacy and care. The Quinoa fragrance has 100% pure oil that offers all the vitamins and nutrients your skin and hair need every day.

    Feeling of freshness anytime and anywhere;
    It can be reapplied several times throughout the day, helping to maintain the post-shower refreshing sensation;
    Offers a unique and explosive aroma;
    It is long lasting;
    Take that scent with you everywhere!

    HOW TO USE: Apply Body Splash Nativa Spa Quinoa all over your body to feel a fresh sensation. Reapply during the day whenever you feel it is necessary. Body Splash is a very versatile product and can be used to scent freshly ironed clothes, to scent bed linen and pillows before going to bed, and can even be used as a home or car air freshener.