The Mutari Everyday Copper Tonalizer Mask wonderful Toning Mask. Its formula Intensifies the color and fixation, helping to prevent early hair fading. With the application, the threads are much more revitalized, with a greater linearity in color. Thus, it is possible to keep the threads with intense color and hydrated and a wonderful balance . The shine becomes much more intense, looking like the hair has just left the beauty salon . This mask makes a perfect nutritional reconstruction and provides more strength for the recovery of the hair. The use of this mask is indicated for copper hair, red , who want to revive the color of pre-existing hair.

  • free of  ammonia and that promotes sealing of the cuticles
  • It helps to restore the strands, and provides greater flexibility and shine for hair that is colored
  • Promotes antioxidant and anti-aging action that leads to an  intense color for much longer
  • This  toning mask returns hair with copper tones more color and with prolonged action
  • Gives intense light to copper hair and adds reflective shine to the strands.