Cadiveu Vegan Repair Leave In


Recommendation: Damaged hair

Main ingredients: Avocado Oil / Crambe Oil / Panthenol / Sunflower Oil / Shea Butter / Rice Wax

How to use: Step 1- Apply a small amount of leave-in to the palms of the hands after thoroughly cleaning the hair (it can be moist or dry). Step 2- Then, apply the cream to the entire length of your hair and style it as desired.

Weight: 120 ml



Leave-In Cadiveu Professional Essentials Vegan Repair contains the distinctive Oil Green Repair technology, which can completely treat hair while also preventing breakage. Additionally, the product avoids split ends, encourages an incredibly light appearance, maintains the look aligned for a longer period of time, protects against high temperatures, and assures exceptional brightness and softness.


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