The Yamá Chamomile Skin Lightening Kit lifts up to 8 levels/tones. The chamomile extract intensifies shine and corrects simple pigment discoloration  of the skin. This product has a light pleasant scent, achieving fast results. It also has Dust-Free technology, which prevents powder from spreading out, allergies or any other discomfort. The kit is intended for skin lightening processes and as such contains Alpha bisabolol a soothing chemical property that is IRRITATION FREE yet completely thorough.

It is highly recommended that before the use of this product, Body Lotion or Body Oil should be applied.


  • 1 unit of Lightening Chamomile Powder 20g
  • 1 unit of Yamá Oxicreme (Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide) 20 Vol 60 ml
  • 1 plastic mixing container
  • 1 mixing spatula