Santa Clara Elite Wax Heater


The CERA MATIC ELITE belongs to the Santa Clara Mega Bell line of professional wax wax heaters for hair removal, with modern design and several color options. This heater Melts and stores the wax at the ideal temperature, in it, waxes can be used in tablets/beans and granules, making work much faster and more efficient. Professional or domestic heater for hair removal wax. Equipped with thermostat for temperature regulation, indicator light and voltage selector switch. Its ABS body is resistant to high temperatures, and its armored resistance, makes it totally safe.

Capacity: 2500g

Cod: 22

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– Before connecting the device to the outlet, check the correct voltage (110V or 220V) and adjust the selector switch located on the bottom of the device. 

– Put the wax in the container, turn on the appliance and adjust the temperature knob between 5 and 6, until the wax melts.

– When the wax is melted, position the temperature adjustment knob according to the need for the job.



– Do not connect the appliance without wax in the container.

– Do not press or pull the button when turning on or adjusting the temperature.

– Do not use the device in wet locations.


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