• Easy to use: the back of the replacement sandpaper discs is a sticker, tear off the protective layer, align the adhesive layer to the position on the machine to be pasted, and gently press it after being pasted to ensure that it will not fall off during the work
  • Replacement sandpaper can help you easily remove the hard callus of the heel and the dead skin on the foot, you can easily operate it yourself, comfortable and non-irritating, will not hurt the foot.
  • More Sanitary and Healthy: due to the nature of the pedicure process with multiple persons or clients sandpaper should be replaced which can effectively prevent beriberi or onychomycosis
  • Wide range of applications: these callus remover tools are practical tools for nail salons, beauty salons, manicure schools, etc.; They are also suitable for use at home, regularly remove dead skin, calluses, cracked skin on the feet to keep the skin healthy and smooth

Cod: 1384