The Thermogenic Reducing Gel promotes the increase of superficial blood micro-circulation, enhancing tissue oxygenation and increasing cellular energy expenditure. Its thermogenic ingredients facilitate the permeation of other actives, especially Caffeine, increasing skin tone, eliminating toxins and reducing measures. The use of this product during physical activity is indicated to enhance the effects of the active ingredients.

  • available in 200g size
  • Can be used daily


Exclusively for body use

Black Pepper is a stimulant and natural activating term. Its properties activate the lymphatic system, causing a slight heating that stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

  • Apply a sufficient amount on the previously clean and dry skin, in the regions of the body that have localized fat (belly, thighs and glutes)
  • Massage with the palms of your hands, making circular movements until the product is completely absorbed
  • When using pre-physical activities, it is recommended to apply 5 minutes before the start
  • Can be used daily


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