• The Nativa SPA Plum Body Liquid Soap leaves the skin clean , fragrant and full of life every day.

    And to leave the bathroom smelling the soap brings the fragrance of plum , intense and vibrant scent that awakens and, at the same time makes you want to close your eyes.

    Sustainability secrets: Its packaging is made with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane. With this, for each kilo of plastic used in the manufacture of packaging, we avoid the emission of 4 kg of greenhouse gases.

    Formulated with purified quinoa drops , the shower gel , in addition to cleansing the skin , offers hydration , increases collagen production and prevents the skin from losing elasticity .

    Olfactory Pyramid:
    Top: Bergamot, Orange, Orange Blossom, Plum Fruit Notes, Peach, Nectarine C Body: Freesia, Yogurt Chord, Raspberry, Almonds Bottom: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Heliotropine, Balsam