Color Wind Plus is a professional hairdryer with a very high power of 2400 WATTS, guaranteeing an ultra fast drying of the hair. Model available in 1 voltage (220v).

  • Nozzles: Accompanies 2 air nozzles made of Naylon, which withstand high temperatures, and do not overheat the part, facilitating exchange and handling.  Narrow air nozzle: Ideal for styling short hair and fringes. Wide air nozzle : Ideal for styling long hair
  • BUTTONS: 3 temperatures and 2 speeds in addition to a cold air jet with “Micro Switch” technology on the button, providing more safety to the user. In addition to ensuring longer life to the device.
  • AC motor: Prevents the accumulation of hair inside the dryer, with “Brush Tub” technology coated in brass, providing greater durability to the coal, better protects the engine.
  • Easy Maintenance: Its stainless steel rear grill facilitates the maintenance of the dryer.
  • CERAMIC ION: With this technology the dryer provides the emission of ions, neutralizing the static electricity of the wires and sealing the cuticle. Protecting and giving more shine and softness to the hair.
  • Available in Colors: White, Red and Black