• Match Conditioner Respect to Curls 250ml

    The Match Respect for Curls Conditioner delivers defined, loose curly hair with amazing styling, without leaving hydration aside.

    Its formula contains Vegetal Collagen and Shea Butter , responsible for the recovery and maintenance of waves and for providing structure, softness and an incredible shine, without weighing the hair down.


    With the Conditioner Match Respect for Curls it is possible to have frizzy, curly and wavy hair that is nourished, silky and with a defined curvature for a longer time, without causing damage or harming the locks.


    Hair curves make the distribution of natural hydration along the strands more difficult, but it is precisely these curves that make curly hair so beautiful and powerful. Match Respect to Curls products are able to bring volume, balance, defined structure, shine and everything else you could want to make peace with your hair. It’s okay with him, you can do whatever you want!