• Hair Mask 3 Minutes Match Respect for Straight Hair, 150ml

    With the 3 MINUTES MAINTENANCE MASK it is possible to have a quick and intensive repair of straightening damage from the first application. Its formula contains Keratin and Panthenol, which guarantee the maintenance of the threads, providing a smooth effect with movement without weighing it down.


    Straightened hair needs protection and care, after all, any damage can become more apparent in this type of hair that has no curves to disguise and that is in constant contact with chemicals and heat sources.

    But it is precisely in the smooth format that the beauty and strength of these hairs are found, bringing in lightness and balance the ability to make everyone fall in love. Fortunately, there are specific products to maintain, purify, align and everything else you could want to make peace with your hair. It’s okay with him, you can do whatever you want!