Power Hair Fortifying Isotonic 10 X 1- Shampoo Hair & Skin


Professional Line

Innovative and Multi-functional system, removes dirt from hair, scalp and face. It can also be used on the beard and eyebrows. It has 10 benefits: anti-dandruff, controls oiliness of the scalp and face skin, antifolliculitis, antiacne, features a healing and remineralizing action, activates microcirculation of the scalp, stimulates hair growth, combats free radicals and promotes hydration on hair and skin. Balancing the excessive production of sebum by regularizing the oiliness of hair, beard and face. Reduce dandruff, folliculitis and acne. Promotes healing action, remineralizing. Activates the microcirculation of the scalp. Fights free radicals and strengthen the strands. This Amazing product works to leave your Scalp, hair and face sanitized, free of dandruff, oil,  combats folliculitis and acne with stimulation of the oxygenation of the hair bulb and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness after every finish.

Benefits – 10 x 1

  • Antidandruff
  • Oiliness control
  • Antifoliculitis
  • Antiacne
  • Healing action.
  • Activate the microcirculation
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Remineralizing action
  • Combat Free Radicals
  • Hydrates hair and skin


Mode of use: 

  • Apply on wet hair massaging the scalp gently
  • Pause 3 – 5 minutes, Rinse
  • Repeat the application by extending to length and ends not pausing
  • Rinse well
  • use the Power Hair Professional Supplement as directed.


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