Dehydrated Face mask (Container of 25 units)


The dry compressed mask is made of natural non-woven cotton and does not contain any chemical addtives or fragrance. Candy bag-type packaging helps with convenient storage.

  • Dry compressed facial mask with no facial products are embedded in the paper
  • Absorbent and strong, disposable
  • Natural non-woven fiber
  • Individual packing, portable and convenient to carry, great for travel.

Cod: 3699

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How to use:
This is dry compressed mask does not contain any pre-added lotions/solutions, follow the below steps to DIY your mask.
1. remove mask from individual packaging, put the mask in a small bowl
2. Immerse it with water or cosmetic facial care liquid and wait for full absorption by mask
3 pre-clean your face and unfold the soaked mask, apply it on your face
4. wait about 10-15 minutes before removing the mask (Depends on the dryness of the mask)


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