Yamasterol Color Maintenance Leave-in 200g: 


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The Yamasterol Color Maintenance Combing Cream was specially developed with the same active ingredients that help reduce frizz and provide boosted shine all while helping to maintain the color of your hair. With Procolor + Proarroz assets that thoroughly clean the hair without removing the natural pigments of color from the hair, and provide more shine and softness, enhancing the color of your hair even more.

  • Women with colored hair who need to maintain color and prevent fading
  • suitable for all types of hair that have already gone through a coloring process

Out of stock



Mode of use:

  • After washing and conditioning the hair with Color Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner
  • with hair still slightly damp apply the Color Maintenance Combing Cream across the length of the ends
  • Comb as usual.

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