The Yamá Milk Protein Skin Lightening Kit lifts up to 8 levels/tones, This kit is suitable for suitable for all whitening techniques. It has conditioning, softness and hydration properties, which improves moisture. It has a restructuring action on the skin, minimizing aggressiveness, intensifies shine and corrects simple pigment discoloration  of the skin. The bleaching powder is blue, is lightly scented and is paired for your convenience with a 60 ml bottle of 40 volume Oxidising solution (exact amount needed per packet of bleach powder), achieving fast results. It also possesses Dust-Free technology, which prevents powder from spreading out, causing allergies or any other discomfort. The kit is intended for skin lightening processes and as such contains Alpha bisabolol a soothing chemical property that is IRRITATION FREE yet completely thorough.

It is highly recommended that before the use of this product, Body Lotion or Body Oil should be applied.

  • Blue powder
  • Gently scented
  • Moisturizing action
  • Anti-Yellowing
  • Dermatologically tested

Kit Includes:

  • 20g packet of Milk Protein  bleaching powder
  • 60ml 40 Vol Oxicream 40Vol