Sfera Professional Liquid Keratin


The Sfera Professional Liquid Keratin has been specially reformulated to further enhance the keratin load on the hair. Its new formula, with a combination of highly technological assets, intensifies the power of keratinization, reconstruction and hydration of the threads, restoring the capillary fibers and covering the Strands by forming a protective film. This Robust treatment consists of:

  • 3D keratin: Three-dimensional keratin with advanced technology that allows the prolonged release of keratin and intelligent repair only of damaged areas of the hair, reaching all dimensions of the hair fiber.
  • Biofunctional proteins: Proteins that bind more easily to the deeper areas of the fiber such as the capillary cortex.

The perfect product that gives perfect results as well

  • Provides Complete restoration of damaged hair fibers
  • Improves Hydration, shine
  • Promotes Greater elasticity and resistance of the hair
  • Mass Restoration
  • Suitable for all types of hair


Mode of Use:

  • Apply on clean and damp hair, lock by lock, across the entire length of the strands
  • Do not rinse
  • If you prefer, give your a good brush to seal the keratin in the strands

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