RAAVI Sanitizing Lotion


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Ideal for cleaning and asepsis of hands, body and surfaces. Contains 70% alcohol to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi. It does not dry out the skin.

  • 250g size
  • 70% Alcohol

Out of stock



Raavi’s Sanitizing Lotion contains 70% alcohol, which is the recommended concentration to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi. Its formula also includes Panthenol and Glycerin, active with humectant action (prevent against water loss) and moisturizer that improve the spreadability of the product on the skin and prevent dryness. Its lotion texture leaves no residue, it facilitates the application in larger regions of the body and on surfaces (such as cell phones and countertops). It has quick absorption and provides immediate cleansing sensation, with freshness, softness and softness.


It is also a good option for asepsis in aesthetic treatments, both for the hands of the professional and the client, as well as for the regions to be treated. Product without any animal ingredients.

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