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Origem Perfect Blond Shampoo – 300ml


The Nazca Origem SALT FREE Shampoo removes unwanted yellow tones from the hair. Its formulation is composed of UV filter and acttive properties that act on the dyed and discolored threads, leaving them tinted and protected. This Shampoo contains active ingredients which deeply regenerate and nourish the hair, leaving hair full of renewed life and hydrated.  In addition, its nutritional formula contains Vegetable Keratin, Vitamin E, Silicone and Semi Di Lino, which provide hydration and shine.

  • Suitable for blond hair, with streaks and grays
  • Available in 350ml Size
  • UV Protection


Mode 0f use:

  • Apply the Origin Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently
  • Leave on for 3 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Apply this product a maximum of 2 times a week
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