Origem Bomba Max Split Ends Repair Serum


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The Origem Split ends Repair Serum is a finisher that acts directly on the weakened ends, assisting in the repair of the strands and in the continuous treatment for its strengthening. Since it is without rinsing, it also provides extended and lasting hydration. It’s amazing formula contains the perfect mix of extracts that when applied to the hair acts in the restoration of the integrity of the hair fiber, providing greater vitality and aiding in the healthy growth of the hair. The Bomba Max Split End Repair Serum contains:

  • Whey Protein: Strength and resistance to the threads
  • Vitamin A: Repair and protection to the threads
  • D Panthenol: Long-lasting hydration and shine
  • Biotin: Prevents the weakening of the threads
  • Castor oil: Strengthening action that helps in combating hair loss
  • And is also Suitable for All hair types

Out of stock



Mode of Use:

  • With dry or damp hair, spread a small amount of the product on your hands
  • Distributing across the length to ends
  • Let it dry naturally

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