Origem Anti Breakage Set


Made for all types of hair in need of an extra growth boost and to prevent future damage to already Healthy hair. This Treatment set will gently cleanse your scalp without damaging the strands all while adding strength and boosting the over-all health of your hair. This Strong formula was expertly crafted with the following:

Biotin: Known as vitamin H (hair vitamin), biotin belongs to the B complex family of Essential Vitamins and helps prevent hair breakage and weakening, restoring hair from the root.
Kerafiller: Active plant origin rich in Biofunctional amino acids, which returns hair density increasing its resistance, strength and elasticity. In addition to restoring dry and weakened hair.
Coconut Oil: With emollient and protective action it provides shine and boosted softness to the hair.

Origem Anti Breakage Shampoo 300ml: was developed to provide intensive care to your hair, acting on the damage structure of the strands, leaving it moisturized and repaired.

Origem Anti Breakage Conditioner 300ml: It comes to finish what the Shampoo started, Returning softness to the hair, in addition to strengthening the locks, leaving them ready for any occasion.

Origem Anti Breakage Combing Cream 500ml: The Origem Anti Breakage Combing Cream is a finisher with moisturizing effect that completes the care that hair suffering from capillary breakage needs. Its action prevents the weakening of the threads, leaving them fuller, stronger and healthier.

Origem Anti-Breakage Treatment Mask 500ml: It proposes a treatment for dry and brittle hair, which deeply reconstructs the strands, restoring their vitality and replenishing the mass, which results in full-bodied strands, without losing their shine or mobility.



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Mode of use:

  • Wash hair as per normal using the Nazca Origem Anti Breakage shampoo
  • Apply Origem Anti Breakage Conditioner across the entire hair length, massaging and untangling the hair
  • Leave it applied for a few minutes
  • Rinse well
  • After the washing process wash, apply Origem Anti Breakage Mask across the entire length of the hair (massage into scalp as well)
  • Leave applied from 3 to 15 minutes
  • Rinse out well
  • Finish with the application of The Origem Anti Breakage Comb Cream on still damp hair
  • Spread uniformly across the entire length of the hair
  • Comb normally
  • Do not rinse

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