Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil


Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil

is enriched with fresh pure coconut pulp and Vitamin E. The Novex Coconut line maintains the natural hydration of the hair strands and fights against frizz, besides lengthening the straightening effect.



The Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil has 3 different ways of use: 


1 As a Humectation: (on dry hair) apply Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil across the length of hair, from the roots to the tips. Massage. Leave in at least 1 hour and rinse.


2 As a Deep Hair Mask Booster: mix a few drops of the Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil with the Coconut Oil Deep Hair Mask. Use as usual. Leave it for at least 10 minutes.


3 As a Natural Anti-frizz: put a few Novex Concentrated Coconut Oil drops in your hand. Scrub and apply to the tips and frizzy parts of the hair.



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