Novex Afro Hair Leave in


The Novex  Afro Hair Curl Styling Activator comb cream activates and shapes the curl to reduce the volume. Its formula is excellent for daily use, with no need for rinsing and allows you to give the desired shape to your look packed with balance and movement.

  • Suitable for ALL types curly hair
  • Activates, Moisturizes, Defines and Protects curls
  • Infused with Argan Oil, Keratin oil, Olive Oil and Flaxseed
  • UV Protection
  • Deep Hydration




1 – Wash your hair and dry it lightly without rubbing, leaving the strands moist. Separate a strand and spread a good amount of Combing Cream along the entire length and ends.

2 – Hold the lock and run your fingers through it. Now close your hand and pull from root to tip, separating the hair into “ribbons”.

3 – Hold the ends of the “tapes” and knead them from the bottom up towards the head. See how they will look wavy Each of them will turn into a little curl

4 – Now do this on all hair, Remember to apply a good amount of the Combing Cream 

5 – Let your hair dry naturally and that’s it! Say hello to well-defined and beautiful curls.


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