Nazca Cosméticos presents its new Power line, with a complete range of products developed to help maintain and strict and thorough hair upkeeping routine with additives to target hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. The Power Line is suitable for all types of hair, regardless of color, length, texture or curvature. By providing the hydration, nutrition and reconstruction benefits to your hair with every use and within a suggested period of four weeks, it is possible to restore hair health. The Nazca Power line has something for just about everyone and can be chosen according to the state and need of your hair.

The Power Collagen Intensive Reconstruction was designed to save the most fragile and damaged hair. Collagen provides a restorative action on the structure of the strands resulting in repaired and nourished hair. The amino acid compound is responsible for replacing lost proteins, stimulating the growth of strong and healthy hair.

  • Intense Reconstruction
  • For Fragile and Damaged Hair
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Integrity and structure of the hair