Mutari Progress Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment


The Keratin Hair Straightener has a complex of actives that interacts with the hair structure, leaving the hair silky straight, vibrant and frizz-free, replacing the lost lipid layer, and promoting an intense repair of the levels of hair wear. Besides, this serum for hair products provides an increase of the shining capacity, silkiness, and, mainly, hair alignment, besides an internal and intra-cuticular permeation.

This Keratin Straightening Treatment was developed to promote intense or partial volume reduction in all types of hair. The product has TECPRO, a new concept in hair technology, with the high performance of physical and chemical characteristics necessary for a good progressive and is also formaldehyde FREE!

  •  Reduced hair volume: It provides brightness, silkiness, hair alignment, and an internal and intracuticular permeation.
  • To promote intense or partial straightening (according to selected procedure), with security and high performance.
  • Result: Reduced hair volume. Well treated and with 4D texture (brightness, moisture, repair and silkiness).
  • suitable for use on wavy, voluminous hair and or with thin curls. Tinted or bleached. Approximate degree of hair straightening 100%.





  1. No need to wash the hair (hair may be unwashed for up to two days). Apply with a brush in thin portions 70­ a 100 ml Reducing Reconstructor Mutari Progress.
  2. Align the strands and pause for 60 minutes.
  3. Rinse 30% off.
  4. Blow dry well.
  5. Divide into really small portions and flat iron 20 times each portion. Flat iron temperature in frizzy and voluminous / resistant hair: 230°; blond, thin, sensitive, colorful, bleached and/or sensitized: 180° to 200°. After the process, if desired, wash the hair.

RESULT: Super smooth, straight, soft hair with 4D texture through the complex that adheres firmly to the hair fiber.


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