Anyone who performs chemical hair treatments or loves a short board and a hairdryer, knows that these processes can weaken and damage the hair a lot. So it is important to always have a good product that helps protect them.  One of the elements of hair nutrition that is important to recover is carbon. Therefore, one of the best ways to help revitalize the wires is through ampoules with carbon replacement. 

The  M. Panthenol Diamond Complex Therapy Ampoule is a great supplement kit for your hair. The  ampoule  helps to rescue and restore and nourish the hair, through the  replacement of carbon and D-panthenol. Upon the first application, this repair and nutrition treatment begins to recover the hair that has undergone some type of wear or chemical procedure.

Diamond extract carbon is a great  enabler of hydration  that helps to improve the structure of. Thus, the  Intensive Care Ampoule deeply nourishes  and  replenishes essential lipids. It acts as a  treatment enhancer that leaves the hair fiber strengthened and initiates the healing process that will prevent the formation of split ends. The ampoule provides  shine, softness, emollience, combability and balance to the hair. Along  with intensive treatment with a mask , it helps to decrease porosity for the correct closing of the scales of the Strands