Mutari Everyday Silver Tonalizer Mask


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The Mutari Everyday Silver Tonalizer Mask is meant to Treat and tint the golden and coppery highlights  of the hair strands . It helps to moisturize blond and silver hair, leaving it softer and silky. Its composition was specially developed for hair dyed with a whiter or bleached blonde and for those who already have gray hair. The product provides a reconstruction boost to the hair  leaving the hair intensely hydrated, healthy and with an incredible color. When using it, your hair loses that yellowish tone and brings to life to those amazing strands. The mask acts by  neutralizing unwanted tones of yellow/orange .
The threads gain protection against color fading and their hue becomes more vibrant for longer. The healthy glow is maintained and you can guarantee a clean and vibrant tone.

  • Ideal to be used on white hair creating a grayish effect
  • Intensifies the platinum
  • Eliminates yellowish orange Tones

Out of stock



Function:  neutralize the golden and coppery reflections of the wires.
Effects: daily hair restoration. Can be used on white hair to create gray effect.
Active ingredients : keratin, chitosan and omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Instructions for use:  Wear suitable gloves. Apply on clean, damp hair. Massage gently. Leave to act for 5-15 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish. 

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