Mutari Everyday Red Tonalizer Mask


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Taking care of red hair is not an easy task, but by choosing the right product, it is possible to keep your hair healthy and the way you have always dreamed of. 
The Mutari Color Red Tonalizer Mask   is a tint mask for red hair  that preserves the color and health of hair. It is a tonic product  without harsh chemicals  that  intensifies tones and revives the color of red hair. This mask also boosts the integrity of hair that is soft and silky, as if you had never done any chemical procedure.

  • It has a pigment reactivating action along with a great moisturizing effect
  • creates a protective layer for the color.
  • provides the antioxidant action, aging, cuticular sealing, softness and brightness
  • Toning Mask. Intensifies, tones and revives the color of red hair
  • Promotes more resistance to strands.
  • formulated With Amazon Trat®, Transcutol® and blackberry complex.
  • It has anti-aging action
  • strengthens the hair, promotes color retention, conditioning, luminosity and repair of the hair fiber. 

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How to use:  Wear suitable gloves. Apply on clean, damp hair. Massage gently. Leave to act for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish.

Are you looking for a Toning Mask  that offers shine, resistance and that enhances the tone with a lot of shine and prolongs the coloring of red hair? Well, finally your search is over, because without a doubt, the best for you is

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