Mutari Everyday Marsala Tonalizer Mask


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The Mutari Everyday Copper Tonalizer Mask is a toning mask that intensifies the color of the hair in the marsala , auburn, iridescent and violet brown tone . With its use, you quickly notice an intense color , which tones and moisturizes at the same time , leaving hair soft, shiny and very silky to the touch. with a composition that is free of  ammonia, this product does not harm the hair, and as it has anti-oxidation and anti-aging action , it protects the hair from damage that could be caused exactly by the constant use of coloring , to make some specific touches that are necessary for those who decide to redden the hair. sealing the cuticles also ensures protection for those who brush or flatten frequently. After all, as is known, the heat can weaken the wires or even make them brittle and facilitate the fall.

In addition, the mask also guarantees the silkiness and intensive luminosity of the hair , as well as maintains the color for much longer , even for those who are used to carrying out heavy chemical treatments, such as straightening or relaxing, which naturally interfere with the duration of the color. .

  • Natural and high-tech assets
  • Intensifies, tones and revives color, keeping it for longer
  • Color retention
  • Treatment with neutralization of unwanted reflections and enhancement of nuances
  • Antiaging action
  • Fiber repair, luminosity, softness, conditioning
  • Donates resistance to the threads
  • High profitability

Out of stock



Instructions for use:  Wear suitable gloves. Apply on clean, damp hair. Massage gently. Leave to act for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish.

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