Green Clay with Collagen – Mister Hair – 500g

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Indication and benefits:

This clay is rich in trace elements and minerals, that is why it helps to eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation, helps lighten facial blemishes, absorb skin oils, restores and improves skin tone. They can be used in facial, body and hair treatments.

ASSETS: Green Clay with Collagen


– Purifying
– Combats Cellulite
– Reduces sagging Skin
– Easy application

For oily and acne-prone skin, it helps to fight cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin.


Combats wrinkles and sagging. Tightens skin tissues. It has a purifying and tensing action, thus facilitating the detoxification of tissues and favoring treatments for skin firming. It can be applied to the body, helps to combat adiposities and body waves.


Strengthens hair fibers and promotes hair hydration. And applied to the scalp it helps to minimize seborrhea and skin abnormalities.


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Clays are indicated for body, facial and hair masks.

Gradually add mineral water to the clay until it forms a smooth and uniform paste

Apply to the desired area and let it act for 15 to 30 minutes

To remove the clay, the best way is to moisten the clay with water when it’s dry and perform gentle circular motion to softening, and thus is provided a slightly scrub action. After softening, remove the excess with paper towels or with a wet tissue.

Finish with reducing gel or moisturizer.


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