Depil Bella Ready to use Honey/Propolis Body waxing Strips


The Depil Bella Body Shaving Ready Sheets are especially suitable for hair removal on arms and legs and for a better result the hair must be at least 5mm long. Depil Bella’s ready-to-use waxing sheets promote fast, practical epilation, removing hairs at the root promoting long-lasting hair removal.

 Pack Includes:

  • 16 ready to use plastic wax sheets (8 pairs)
  • 1 sachet of tissue moistened with post-depilatory remover oil
  • Hair removal for arms and legs
  • For best results, the hair must be at least 5mm long
  • Traditional
  • Long Term Hair Removal
  • Fast, Practical with Precise removal from THE ROOTS
  • Dermatologically  Tested
  • Durable Plastic Sheets


How to use:

1. Clean the area to be shaved with Depil Bella® Mint Astringent lotion, then dry.

2. Heat a pair of Depil Bella® Ready Sheets between your hands for about 30 seconds and separate them slowly, leaving the wax uniform on both sides. Fold one of the leaves and set it aside. On colder days, warm for longer.

3. Apply the sheet over the region to be shaved, pressing it lightly in the direction of hair growth.

4. With one hand, hold the skin and with the other hand, quickly pull the leaf away from hair growth. Use the same sheet until the adhesive power of the wax ceases. (Note: Do not apply the sheet more than twice over the same location).

5. If there is any excess wax on the skin, remove with the leaf itself, rubbing it gently on the skin. Clean the last wax residues with Depil Bella® Remover Oil.

6. Finally, use Azuleno Cream or Depil Bella® Post-Hair Removal Moisturizing Gel, which provides relief and well-being to the skin.

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