Depil Bella Aloe Vera Facial Hair removal cream


Depil Bella Aloe Vera Facial Depilatory Cream promotes immediate hair removal without causing irritation and dry skin. With Aloe Vera in its composition, it provides a smooth and refreshing feeling to the skin after hair removal is complete. It is indicated for the region of the fluff and chin, quickly removing unwanted hair in a single application.

  • Practical
  • Fast
  • Painless


How to use: 1. With clean and dry skin, apply a thick and uniform layer of the cream, so that it completely covers the area to be shaved. Do not rub.
2. Leave it for 3 minutes. Using a spatula, sponge or damp towel, remove the cream from a small area and see if the hair is being removed. If the hair does not come off, let the product act for another 2 minutes. Never exceed the total time of 5 minutes.
3. Remove with a spatula, sponge or damp towel. After removing the hair, wash the area with plenty of water until the product residue is completely removed.
4. Finish with a soothing facial lotion.
Important: avoid contact with eyes.

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