Cadiveu Glamour Styling Precious fluid


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The Cadiveu Professional Glamor Ruby Precious Fluid is a Powerful spray fluid with anti-frizz action for all hair types, it’s deep action works to seal the hair cuticles and eliminates frizz in an effective and long-lasting way. Improves touch, increases volume control and nourishes to make hair stronger and silky. it’s intricate formula contains Microparticles of Ruby that work seal the strands forming a protective barrier that protects the hair against environmental and mechanical aggressions, such as using a hairdryer and/or flat iron. Promotes an intense and long-lasting shine, due to its natural scintillation.

  • Lightweight and leave-in formula
  • Thermal protection
  • Ruby microparticles: promotes shine for longer
  • Wheat oats: conditioning agent that provides elasticity and strength to the hair

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Way of use:

  • Apply Precious Glamor Fluid with wet or dry hair
  • Blow dry and comb

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