Cadiveu Blonde Idea Tinting Mask


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The Blonde Idea Tinting Mask is the ideal product for you who want to get rid of the yellow tones of the hair in just a short period of time. Formulated with high content of violet pigment, this mask works to neutralize intensely the unwanted yellow and/or orange shades of natural or colored blonde hair. Packed with fiber cell infusion technology, enriched with phospholipids and blue lotus flower. This amazing product also promotes nutrition, giving softness and leaving your hair with a sublime level of shine.

  • Blonde Balancing Mask
  • Immediate neutralizing of Yellow/orange tones
  • Leaves Platinum Hair with  uniform tones, nourished and shiny
  • indicated for yellowing and dry hair
  • tube size: 150ml

Out of stock




The way of use is very simple:

  • Wash your hair with Açaí Oil Shampoo. If necessary, repeat the application. Rinse off
  • Apply the Matizadora Blonde idea mask over the entire length of the hair, gluing strand by strand for a better distribution and penetration of the product, let it act for 3 to 10 minutes. Rinse.

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