Brasil cacau Shine Serum


Your new ‘style and shine’ best friend is here! The  Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Shine Serum is an instant anti-frizz and shine-enhancing spray that transforms dull, limp hair into radiant locks full of shine and silkiness. Hair is immediately easier to style! With the perfect combination of ingredients, it forms a protective barrier between the hair shaft and the environment to instantly eliminate frizz, provide conditioning and introduce shine to dull stands. This serum lasts for approximately 150 applications and is ideal for on-the-go benefits or as part of your daily hair care routine.


  • Anti-humidity protection to prevent frizz forming during the day
  • Frizz and static reduction for more manageable hair that is easier to style
  • Instant shine and luminosity that shows off under any light
  • Restores damaged and uneven ends for healthy hair
  • Corrects moisture imbalances from root to tip
  • Tames fly-away strands for better hair manageability


Way of use:

  • Apply few drops Brasil Cacau Shine Serum in the palm of the hand
  • Spread it on the whole length while still damp
  • Finish as usual/Desired


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