Brasil Cacau Professional Extreme Repair Kit


Keratin treatment and thermal protection cream to recover damaged hair and provide lasting straight effect. Its moisturizing ingredients repair chemically treated or damaged by straightening treatments hair, while replenishing lost keratin and nutrients, maintaining a straight effect for much longer. using the best cocoa nutrients and adding cationic peptides The Brasil Cacau Extreme repair kit acts deep in the fiber, recovering the hair from the root to the tip. without a doubt this kit is the perfect solution to recover your damaged hair


  • Suitable for all hair types, especially chemically treated, frizzy or straightened.
  • Active ingredients:
    • Cocoa extract that replenishes elements lost during chemical processes, has moisturizing properties, increases the elasticity of hair protecting against future damages
    • Hydrolyzed keratin that protects, eliminates frizz, moisturizes and provides shine
    • Cationic Peptides: natural substance that forms a protective barrier around the fiber increasing flexibility, radiance and resistance of the hair.
    • Pro-vitamin B5 for deep nourishment and recovery of elasticity
  • Action: Easy, quick and effective treatment to replenish lost keratin and nutrients, protect from heat and provide a beautiful and lasting straight effect
  • Results: Lasting straight effect, recovered, shiny and soft hair, without frizz
  • Frequency of use: Repeat 1-3 times a week on very dry or damaged hair Repeat every 10-15 days on already recovered hair as maintenance




This treatment has approximately, 10 applications on medium-length hair and expires 12 months after opening

Kit is made up of 3 Main Components

EXTREME REPAIR SHAMPOO 300ml: Suitable for damaged hair, it gently cleanses, hydrates and restores the hair’s radiance.

EXTREME REPAIR CONDITIONER 300ml: Suitable for damaged hair, it keeps hair healthy and silky with a softer touch.

EXTREME REPAIR MASK 200ml: Suitable for extremely damaged hair, it works on the cuticle and cortex, repairing damage caused by mechanical means, chemical and thermal processes. The cationic peptides form a protective shield around the strand, increasing the strength, flexibility and shine of the hair.


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